Student work: We are looking for students for our partner company located in Szentendre, from mid-May to end of summer. Be motivated and team player! You can also bring your friends and work together! 😉

Place of work: Szentendre

Working hours:flexible schedule, even on weekends!

  • during the festival season it is possible to work 2-3 shifts, 8 hours a day;
  • festival off-season 1 shift: 08: 00-16: 30

Salary:  1 400 HUF/hour + night, sunday and red-letter day bonus


  • Preparing re-cups for washing (washing is not done by hand, but with an industrial equipment);
  • Warehousing tasks;
  • Product selection;
  • Manual material handling


  • Full-time active or even passive student status before the age of 25;
  • Existence of a medical certificate at the time of employment;
  • Undertake a minimum of 3 shifts per week;
  • Team spirit;
  • Load capacity – good endurance;
  • Demanding, clean work

You can apply by e-mail (melo@miszisz.hu), giving your name and telephone number, indicating the position you want to fill and attaching your CV.

Click the “Jelentkezem” button to open the pre-parameterized email with your default email system (if it’s configured).


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